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Yaen Pujol

1 Impasse Des Garrigues

34570 PIGNAN


09 70 35 54 53

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  • Mon - Sat 7am - 8pm
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Electrician, Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone

YAEN PUJOL is an experienced independent electrician and IT specialist. dYpElec is RGE (recognized as guarantor of the environment) a french certification for those who act for Nature. dYpElec is also certified from Qualifelec, an independent organisation controls the way work is done.

I handle electrical installation

and renovation on any type of construction site. 

All Kinds of Electrical Works

I offer electrical services in the following fields:

  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • New installations
  • Partial or full renovation (alignment with safety measures or the standards of CONSUEL)
  • Building Automation System (BAS) installation (cameras, detection, alarms, etc.) and assistance with the configuration,
  • Automation (gates, doors, shutters, etc.)
  • Assistance in the choice of lighting and ambient lighting, with LEDIVEO
  • Electrical breakdown service on installation and equipment
  • Complete or partial electrical work coaching
  • For your electrical energy saving installation in heaters, I'm RGE

I handle both new construction and renovation projects

Electrician Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone

Learn more 

about my services.

Other Services

Do not hesitate to hire my IT services:

  • Computer installation and configuration for GNU/Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, MxLinux...) and Microsoft Windows©
  • Remote maintenance and on-site intervention
  • Training for various software
  • Residential and/or commercial network connectivity

Besides, I also specialise in the design and installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for private individuals, as well as charging stations and remote services for commercial clients with Hager, Schneider and Legrand.

Building Automation System Installation Montpellier


Electrician Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone

I work with my supplier in electrical equipment Yesss who offers quality equipment. His team is attentive and always looking for the most reliable solution at market prices.

This partner is for me and my customers an additional guarantee of safe and sustainable installations.


Electrician Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone

If you build your own house yourself, I can coach your electrical installation in order to guarantee you a CONSUEL or for a standardization in the rules. I warn you all the same because everything is not necessarily achievable alone depending on your level of knowledge and your physical capacity.

Office Automation

Electricien Montpellier

For all office and administrative tasks, I entrust my business to SG Bureautique.

Thanks to that, I can concentrate on the main thing: client work.

Electricien Villeneuve-les-Magelone
Electricien Montpellier
Craftsman Electrician
 Installation électrique Villeneuve-les-Magelone
Prices and general conditions of sale
 Installation électrique Juvignac


Building Automation System Installation Montpellier

I am also trained in renewable energies such as photovoltaic (on grid or autonomous) and small wind (less than 10kW).

It is still possible to benefit from these increasingly efficient technologies that can guarantee either additional income (once the initial investment has been reimbursed) or a certain autonomy and security in relation to the Enedis network (former ERDF).


Building Automation System Installation Montpellier

I design and install your Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles (IRVE) for individuals as well as communicating terminals and remote services for tertiary structures in partnership with Hager.

Intervention zone:

Pignan (34570), Murviel-les-Montpellier (34570), Montarnaud(34570), Cournonterral (34660), Cournonsec (34660), Lavérune (34880), Saussan (34570), Montbazin (34560), Montpellier (34000), Saint-Jean-de-Védas (34430), Juvignac (34990), Saint-Georges-d’Orques (34680), Poussan (34560), Gigean (34770), Villeveyrac (34560), Balaruc (34540), Frontignan (34110), Vic-la-Gardiole (34110), Mireval (34110), Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone (34750), Palavas (34250), Carnon-Plage (34280), Mauguio (34280), Pérols (34470), Lattes (34970), Saint-Aunès (34130), Le Crès (34920), Castelnau-le-Lez (34170), Clapiers (34830), Jacou (34830), Montferrier-sur-Lez (34980), Saint-Clément-de-Rivière (34980), Saint-Gelly-du-Fesc (34980), Combaillaux (34980), Murles (34980), Vailhauquès (34570), Montarnaud (34570), La Boissière (34150), Saint-Paul-et-Valmalle (34570), Gignac (34150), Vendémian (34230), Aumelas (34230)

My Strengths


I have over 10 years of experience in electrical works and more than 20 years of expertise in IT.


I will quickly draw up a plan and carry out your electrical work within the shortest time possible.


I work in close collaboration with renowned retailers and leading electrical equipment manufacturers, such as LEDIVEO, YESSS et HAGER.


Using high-quality electrical equipment, I deliver reliable installations compliant with the NF C 15-100, RT 2012 and XP C16-600 standards.

Happy customers, that's the only advertisement

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