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Electricity in the Montpellier area



dYpElec’s areas of expertise in electricity


I handle your electrical requirements in new or renovated residential or commercial buildings within a 25-kilometre radius around Montpellier (34000 Herault). I undertake all your electric system and installation work in accordance with NF C 15-100, RT 2012 and XP C16-600 standards. I am also available in the event your commercial premises and buildings need to be upgraded and made compliant.

Artisan Electicien


I undertake the installation of electrical outlets or lighting circuits (energy saving, LED), electric hobs, intercoms, automatic door and gate openers. I carry out the installation of the entire electrical network for the house, replacement of old electric panels, pre-visit preparation or lifting of security organisations reservations (CONSUEL, Veritas, Apave, Socotec, etc). I also carry out the installation of security alarm and fire security systems.

I carry out the installation of VDI (Voice, Data, Image) communication networks, BAS controls for smart houses such as lighting management, programmable energy management depending on the time and/or heating area (from the ground, convectors, radiant panels, inertia heating panels, etc.), conventional or reversible air-conditioning, roller shutters management, alarms, audio and video door entry systems, gates, multi-sound systems.


You like the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach but do not want to take risks by handling the electricity system in your home… You are perfectly right; this is dangerous and requires the intervention of experts !

However, if there are basic tasks (temporary lockout/tag-out of electricity, security works, connections of equipment, bringing up to standard the protective panel….), other works, such as equipment purchase, laying of new, non-electrified cables, etc. this can be done by yourself if you feel you are up to the task.

I would, however, like to draw your attention to the fact that the installation or laying of some conductors requires time and sometimes much determination (especially in the event of a recessed installation) !

This is why I will be there to help you throughout the process and will on location to validate each stage of your project so that the work is carried out in accordance with the code of practice. You can also contact me by phone should you have any doubts between two visits. Save yourself money, and be proud of yourself !

Example: total electrical renovation project + low current installation (TV, telephone, and Internet by RJ45 connection in all the rooms) of a house of 150 m2, the average fee of an electrician will be of approximately 10,000 Euros, as listed in the table below.

  Electrician only With you
Equipment 4000 € 4000 €
Labour 6000 € as follows:
Validation of stages   (1000 €)
Equipment installation   (500 €)
Creation of 3 boards (electricity + communication and Enedis circuit breaker)   (1500 €)
Total : 10000 € 6000 €
    Savings = 4000 €


This example is, of course, presented for illustrative purposes only. After a free evaluation of your project, two offers will be made available to you should you wish. Beware, Do-It-Yourself projects in electricity has its limits !

It is a fairly common pattern: the French are increasingly investing time and money in their houses, whether to embellish, furnish, or renovate it. But construction and repair works are expensive. In order to limit the expenses, many set out on a DIY journey, reaping more or less success depending on their technical competencies. Based on this observation, we provide our support and expertise and assist you so that the end result meets your expectations…


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